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    Hi glad that you are here and please allow me to briefly introduce myself. I am now in Real Estate business for just over ten years. It has been an incredible journey throughout, having been through three major property market cycle.

    First, the 1997-1998 Financial Crisis, this was followed by the infamous September 11, 2000. The market remain uncertain till 2005. From 2006, we witness one of the most exciting property market bull run till 2012. This prompted the government to introduce series of cooling measures to tame the property market from getting too hot.


    It has been invaluable lesson learned, while there were significant thread the same has given rise to great investment opportunities for those who are brave.

    I believe the market will begin to recover from 2018 and following 2-3 years. Now is the best time to consider property investment again to capitalize on the upswing.

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    Billy Ong
    Senior Associate District Director
    MBA, IMUK, CEHA, ACTA, CIDTT Private Limited



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